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We provide a range of consultancy and compliance services. In addition, we compliment our services with that of our network professionals to deliver comprehensive service functions.

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AUDIT & assurance

With the ever-changing business factors and laws, the function of audit has evolved way beyond a statutory obligation. It works as a SWOT Analysis to help the entity understand its condition, both from financial and non-financial perspectives. Assurance is a similar exercise which has no statutory obligation attached with it. 

Both audit and assurance enables the organisation to evaluate and analyse its financial reporting, process management and regulatory compliance.

Our team of experts prepare an appropriate audit and/or assurance plan considering the size, need and operational complexities of the organisation and execute the same in a time-bound manner to come out with constructive conclusions and suggestions and ensure that the stakeholders are provided with relevant information to analyse the financial and non-financial factors of the organisation.

At Agnishwar & Associates, some of our audit and assurance services provided to the clients are following:


  • Statutory Audit of Companies

  • Tax Audit under Section 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961

  • Audit under other sections of the Income Tax Act, 1961 such as 80HHC, 80-IA, etc

  • GST Audit

  • Society Audit

  • Internal Audit

  • Branch Audit of Banks

  • Concurrent Audit

  • Revenue Audit of Banks

  • SEBI Compliance Audit

  • Audit of PF Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Schools, etc.

  • Audit of Co-operative Societies.


  • Regulatory Inspection

  • Revenue Assurance

  • Mystery Audits and Surprise Checks

  • Stock Audit & Reconciliation

Audit & Assuance


The Goods & Services Tax has come out with a much broader purview as compared to its predecessors. With coverage of most of the goods and services available in India, this tax regime has become applicable to most of the businesses and professions. Since this law is undergoing continuous updations, it is difficult to keep a track of the applicable laws and regulations.

Our team consists of GST consultants who are not only well-versed, but also practitioners certified by GST authorities. We always aim to keep ourselves updated with the changing GST laws and impact of such change on the businesses of our clients. With a client-centric approach, our consultations on GST are timely and as per the updated laws. This not only ensures minimisation of non-compliance, but also helps in smooth functioning of a GST-enabled business module.

We provide a host of GST services including the following:

  • Expert advise on complicated GST matters including input tax credit, valuation, invoicing, place of supply etc.

  • Preparation of Accounts for determination of GST liability.

  • GST registration, monthly and annual Return filing.

  • Representation to GST Authorities.

  • Continuous GST monitoring and update.


Income Tax

The biggest significant of the Income Tax laws is that it is applicable on all, from businesses to NGOs, from salaried individuals to mere house owners.

Every step that involves monetary transactions should be vouched beforehand with the income tax laws, otherwise the consequences may turn out to be hectic. With the injection of technology, one small mistake even in filing of return may lead to a continuous head-ache.


With a renowned and generational goodwill in Income Tax consultancy, our head CA. Agnishwar Basu added new feathers to it through his dynamic knowledge about the tax laws, court judgements and significant government guidelines. The entire team at Agnishwar & Associate is dedicated towards continual improvement of tax knowledge in order to facilitate and continue the hard-earned reputation of best consultation.  

We provide a range of income tax consultancy service including - 

  • Tax Planning of Individuals, Partnerships, HUFs, AOPs and Companies.

  • Filing of Income Tax Returns.

  • Advance tax estimation and deposit.

  • TDS Calculations, Preparation of Form 16, TDS Return Filings.

  • Registration for Charitable and Educational Institutions for Tax Exemption.

  • Representation of the client in appeals to Income Tax Authorities.

  • Appeals before Income Tax Authorities and Tribunals.

  • Liaison with Income tax department for rectification, assessment etc.

Income Tax


When you run a company, or dream to run one, it is no less than your family. You need to take care of many things apart from its operations. The Companies Act, 2013 is a vast law that provides guidelines on many aspects that are to be kept in mind and strictly followed while running a company.

It is imperative to say that a Company is an unique and separate entity. Hence it has to comply with relevant guidelines to keep its health fine. From directors appointment to mergers, complexities and penal consequences in company matters call for timely expert advice in this area. 

Agnishwar & Associates has been offering corporate advisory since its incorporation. Our clientele includes Tea-Estate companies, technology companies, import-export companies, real estate companies among many others. We always ensured that the operations, organisational restructuring and book-keeping of the clients are perfectly in compliance with the applicable laws. Our team and associates include Lawyers, company secretaries and chartered accountants who are skilled to handle corporate complexities and provide the best possible solutions. ​

Our corporate advisory function includes the followings:

  • Incorporation of Private Limited companies, OPCs, FPCs, Section 8 companies etc.

  • Timely and proper statutory compliances including ROC Returns.

  • Advisory on compliance, complex corporate matters and procedures.

  • Corporate Documentation.

  • Share transfer related works.

  • Borrowings/Loan related advisory and operations.

  • Revival and winding off of defunct companies.


Accounting is a fundamental operation in any entity, be it a business or a non-profit seeking entity. Accounting is more than just book-keeping and hence it is given ultimate care. Accounting information is vital to the owners, directors and management to understand the financial status of the entity.

Our team is involved in preparation and implementation of the accounting function at many organisations and ensure that accounts are not only properly maintained, but also provide necessary information for the purpose of finalisation of the financial statements.

In many cases, organisations are unable to maintain the accounts due to shortage of space, lack of skillful accountants etc. We provide accounting services on an outsourced basis to enable clients save major costs while having no worry regarding maintenance of books.

We offer the following services under this segment:

  • Accounting System Design & Implementation.

  • Financial Accounting.

  • Preparation of Final Accounts

  • Budgeting.

  • Depreciation and Amortization Schedules.

  • Financial Analysis.

  • Complete Monitoring of Accounting Process.

Company Compliance


Renowned Management Gurus say, management is a scientific art. A small business idea can lead to a mammoth business organisation, if properly nurtured. To reach the success objectives, each and every step is vital. A proper planning, followed by best possible execution is what every entrepreneur dream. But this dream can be reached only with collective efforts from all individuals inside the organisation.


Management consultancy, which is a very popular tool in the USA and Europe, helped organisations to understand "what, when, how and why to act".

Our team has proven expertise in helping entrepreneurs identify their market, money and manpower. Within a small span of time, our management consultancy has helped many start-ups and Micro, Small and Medium Entities  (MSMEs) to act and think in the way successful concerns do. 

CA. Agnishwar Basu, who has also delivered lectures to MBA students of different B-Schools and Universities, had been associated with some of the best management consultants around the globe.

Our appropriate customisation of a proven art of management has been fruitful to many entities in West Bengal and Sikkim. 

The management consultancy service module includes - 

  • Organisational Architecture design and implementation.

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

  • Continuous Control Monitoring.

  • Leadership Development.

  • Financial Strategy Development.

  • Succession Planning.

Management Consultancy


Non-profit seeking organisations play a major role in the welfare of a nation, especially in a country like India. Being social-beings, we believe in the theory of overall growth. Therefore, it has always been our endeavour to support NGOs with proper advise in financial, tax, legal and regulatory matters.

While working with corporates and business entities, we take the responsibilities of trusts and societies with equal importance. As a results, many educational, charitable, cultural and religious organisations place their faith on us with absolute confidence.

We always aim to put in place a humanitarian approach in dealing with organisations that work in the development of a better society.

We offer the following services to Trusts and Societies - 

  • Registration of Charitable & Religious Trusts.

  • Consultancy on books of accounts and monitoring.

  • Audit of Charitable & Religious Trusts.

  • Registration of charitable and educational institutions for Income Tax Exemptions.

  • Registration of Societies.

  • Preparation of documents and return filing for Societies. 

  • Statutory Audit of Societies.

  • Fund utilisation and other Certificates.

Trusts & Societies


Care about your employees is a primary factor to achieve organisational growth and harmony. Provident Fund and ESI is a sign of the employer's concern on the future and health of its employees.


PF and ESI are also regulatory compliance which should be timely taken care of.

While businesses remain busy in operations, they outsource these responsibilities to us for timely compliance. Our team handle provident fund and ESI liabilities of the clients with utmost care and seriousness. 

Our service offerings include - 

  • Registration of under Provident Fund and ESI.

  • Employee-Seeding.

  • Payment of Monthly PF and ESI contribution.

  • Filing of return under PF and ESI.

  • Regular advise on legal compliance.



We at Agnishwar & Associates believe in comprehensive services to ensure that our clients do not have to search experts here and there and can find a 'one-stop solution' at a go. 

Apart from all that are specifically mentioned, we also provide varied range of services through our associates and chain of experts who include advocates, CS, CMAs, MBAs, registered investment advisers, financial and tax consultants, HR experts, software engineers, ex-bankers etc.  

we also offer -  

  • Preparation of Project Report and documentation for various Financing/Loan.

  • Independent Review of Financial Statements

  • Financial and Non-Financial Certification

  • Loss Assessments

  • Land and Property Registration

  • Customised Software Developments and Implementations.

  • Commercial Website Designing and Handling.

Other Servics
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